About Ellen Delaney - Massage Therapist

Ellen M. Delaney, LMT, Ct, Skin Care Specialist, Education and Business Consultant, Continuing Education Provider

History of Education:
Ellen graduated from nursing school in 1974. After working as a nurse for 20 years she went back to school and graduated as a massage therapist. Ellen's nursing experience gifted her with the knowledge to teach Anatomy and Physiology. In response to the request of the proprietors of A&P to teach a colon therapy class, she became a colon therapist. As the Director of Education at Seminar Network International in Palm Beach County, in to fill the need for a facial program, she became a skincare specialist. Ellen has taken classes at the UOP to acquire her AA degree in business.

Teaching Experience:
Ellen has been providing education to massage, colon and facial therapists since 1991. She has been a committee member for AMTA Counsel of School, FLAME, and other programs in the massage field. She has assisted in curriculum changes and has been consulted by many therapists for business and educational needs.

Ellen has taught classes for The Breakers in Palm Beach, Essential Therapeutics in Boca Raton, Seminar Network International, Palm Beach Academy and several locations in North Carolina. She has maintained her own practice since 1991.

Key Qualities:
Ellen is highly inspirational as an instructor and massage therapist. She is intuitive as well as knowledgeable. Ellen is often called upon to do consults for graduates. She is remarkable at getting lasting results. She offers a variety of techniques to ensure the client is getting the care that is needed for their particular situation. Ellen is a well rounded therapist with years of experience.

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